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Make your garden glow this Christmas

Posted on December 27, 2022 at 10:54 pm

Whatever the size of the garden it can be made to look festive by the addition of Christmas lights and ornaments. There is no need to spend a fortune on expensive decorations as the simplest of lights can bring a magical look to the outdoor space.

The first thing to do is to think about the atmosphere you want to create in the garden. If you want to create a relaxed feel a good way is to wind small, soft white lights around the trunk and branches of any trees in the space. Uplighters can also be used to create a lovely atmosphere as they highlight the branches of the trees. Snowflake lights hanging from the trees bring a magical atmosphere to even the smallest outdoor space.

Lanterns are a wonderful way to bring light to different areas of the garden and can be hung from trees or placed on walls and fences. Different sizes of lanterns are best used to add interest and give a different amount of light.

To make a real impact in your festive garden display, choose just two or three colours and use those colours for lights and baubles as nothing says Christmas like a bauble, or ten.

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Can a garden glass room be used all year round?

Posted on November 1, 2022 at 5:48 pm

Although many garden glass rooms are not fully insulated, they do still offer you protection from the rain and wind and are a lot warmer than if you were just stood out in the elements. They are a great way to allow you to enjoy some natural light even if it is wet outside. They can be great for your mental and physical well being and can really boost your mood on those cold winter mornings.

A glass room can become quite warm in the summer which is why it is a good idea to have sun blinds fitted. These can be fitted to the sides and also the ceiling allowing you full control of how much light you let in and out of the room. They can also be controlled electronically via a remote control if you opt for this option. You can also choose to have opening sides on your glass room for days when it is really warm and you want to enjoy the breeze that passes through.

Most glass rooms are made bespoke to the exact dimensions you require, and they can usually be installed around existing structures if required. Most of the time you do not need planning permission for a glass room, taking away that additional hassle and cost.

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Why Are Wall Mounted Awnings Ideal For Restaurants?

Posted on June 16, 2022 at 11:50 am

Being the owner of a restaurant tends to be a stressful time, with there being many different aspects to consider. One aspect that is not always thought about is outdoor seating. With the weather in the United Kingdom picking up it is likely that you want to create an outdoor seating area to amplify your restaurant and make it a place people want to go. When you want to do this, you want to look into awnings for restaurants

There are a wide variety of awnings for restaurants that you can choose between, with each of them bringing its own selection of benefits. But today we are going to focus on wall-mounted awnings and why these are going to be ideal for restaurants. 

What Are Wall Mounted Awnings? 

Wall-mounted awnings are simply a type of awning that is going to be mounted to an exterior wall of your restaurant. This generally has a pulling-out mechanism that allows you to create a covered seating area outside the front or back of your restaurant. 

Why Are Wall Mounted Awnings Ideal For Restaurants? 

When thinking about investing in awnings for restaurants you want to understand how it is going to benefit your business. Well, with a wall-mounted awning you are not going to be disappointed with the benefits it has to offer. 

When installing an awning to your restaurant you want something that isn’t going to take up much space. This is one of the great benefits you will receive with wall-mounted awnings for restaurants. Due to them being mounted on the wall, they are not going to take up much ground space, meaning you can create the perfect covered seating area without the fuss. 

You also have the benefit of flexibility. By this we mean you are able to choose when you want to open up the outside seating for your restaurant. The simple mechanism can allow you to open and close your awning as and when you want to use it. If you are short-staffed, you can keep all your customers in one place by closing the awning. 

Finally, these types of awnings for restaurants are extremely cost-effective. They are fairly inexpensive to have installed. Depending upon the materials and fabric that are used to create the awning they can be long-lasting. Meaning your investment is going to go a long way. You aren’t going to need to spend to keep it operational. 

What Else Should Be Considered? 

Of course, when seeing if a wall-mounted awning is ideal for your restaurant, you should also look into some of the bad points. Now there aren’t loads, but they should be mentioned before you make your final decision. 

When it comes to wall-mounted awnings, they are not large. This does mean you are not going to be able to create a large outdoor seating area. Most wall-mounted awnings for restaurants will be best for smaller businesses that only want a small expansion. With most offering an average of 2 extra tables. This is good to remember as some other options on the market may be able to bring you more space if this is what you are after. 

You also want to think about how it is going to impact the look of your restaurant. Some budget wall-mounted awnings are not the best. They can be cheap and tatty. This can impact the look and feel of your restaurant, but high-end awnings can come out of budget. So, be careful that you keep the right look of your restaurant so customers are not turned away from a potential eye sore. 

So, are they really ideal? 

After looking deeper into wall-mounted awnings, we do believe these are ideal awnings for restaurants. They are going to bring you a wide variety of benefits to introduce your restaurant into the world of outdoor seating. By ensuring your research and choosing the option that fits within your budget, you will be amplifying your business growth. 

Wall-mounted awnings are a great starting point for small restaurants and cafes that want a look into what life would be like by offering outdoor seating arrangements. If this turns out not to be for you, then it is ok and it has not been a costly investment that will damage your business profits. Give it a go for yourself and see how this investment can impact your business with this ideal awning.

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Is your lawn getting the TLC that it needs?

Posted on June 13, 2022 at 2:43 pm

If your lawn is looking a bit sorry for itself then help is at hand. With just a few quick techniques the lawn can look lush and green once again ready for the family to enjoy.

Although a lawn may be able to recover on its own, the likelihood is that the weeds will grow faster, and the grass will be overtaken by weeds, so the first step is to dig out any weeds such as dandelion and buttercup. You could treat them with a weedkiller, but you do have to be careful not to kill the grass at the same time.

For the grass to grow well the soil needs to be aerated which is a simple process and can either be done by poking holes in the lawn with a garden fork or by using a rolling aerator. Improving the air flow in the lawn will make a big difference to how well the turf grows and is especially good for lawns that have become impacted and waterlogged.

Using a good quality fertiliser on the lawn will bring back the lushness and should make the grass look greener and healthier. It encourages the lawn to grow giving it the nutrients that it needs for healthy growth.

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Let’s Talk Decking

Posted on May 26, 2022 at 11:54 am

Garden renovations are exciting for any property owner. Giving your garden a much need makeover but the summer months set in is the best thing to do. But for now, we want to focus on decking boards. Sharing with you all of the benefits, disadvantages and choices you need to make.

What Are The Main Benefits of Decking?

Let’s begin our discussion by looking into the main benefits.

First, we need to think about the price. Decking boards are relatively inexpensive. This is due to them being cheap to make. Simply making them a cheaper option to purchase and install in your garden.

We should also think about the installation process. Unlike other options on the market, decking is simple to install into gardens. With it being that easy, you may be able to do it yourself without the cost of hiring a professional.

Finally, we like to think about the space it is going to give you. The best thing about decking is due to the material it is made from, it is super easy to cut the decking boards to suit the space you need. Meaning you can make the perfect seating area, extended into places that other options may not be able to reach with ease.

But what about the disadvantages?

When it is good, there is going to be bad. So, what are some of the disadvantages of choosing decking?

The main one we like to share is how the weather affects your boards. First up, rain. If you have rain, your decking boards are going to become extremely slippy. This means it is not going to be safe to walk on and can cause serious injuries. Alongside this, the weather can also cause damage to the wooden boards if not cared for correctly.

This takes us nicely onto our second point, the care scheme. When you invest in decking, it may be cheaper, to begin with, but you are going to need to care for it. This involves regularly treating your boards to ensure they do not get damaged. As well as regularly replacing them when they do inevitably become damaged.

Finally, you need to think about the long term effects. As mentioned before, whilst they are cheaper to purchase, the upkeep of this does make it more expensive. You need to be aware of this before making the commitment.

What Choices Will You Need To Make?

Finally, we want to share with you some of the choices you are going to need to make. Most commonly you will need to decide where you want your decking to go, this plays a huge part in how much you will be spending. You will also need to make the choice of what type of decking boards you are going to use. There are multiple different choices, with some bringing more benefits than others. Once you have made these choices, you will be able to begin the installation process, renovating your garden exactly how you want it.

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