Make your garden glow this Christmas

Whatever the size of the garden it can be made to look festive by the addition of Christmas lights and ornaments. There is no need to spend a fortune on expensive decorations as the simplest of lights can bring a magical look to the outdoor space.

The first thing to do is to think about the atmosphere you want to create in the garden. If you want to create a relaxed feel a good way is to wind small, soft white lights around the trunk and branches of any trees in the space. Uplighters can also be used to create a lovely atmosphere as they highlight the branches of the trees. Snowflake lights hanging from the trees bring a magical atmosphere to even the smallest outdoor space.

Lanterns are a wonderful way to bring light to different areas of the garden and can be hung from trees or placed on walls and fences. Different sizes of lanterns are best used to add interest and give a different amount of light.

To make a real impact in your festive garden display, choose just two or three colours and use those colours for lights and baubles as nothing says Christmas like a bauble, or ten.