Different Kinds of Decking and its Maintenance

Decking means the ability to transform the outdoor area in to a beautiful space where one can enjoy spending time with friends, families and loved ones. There are various kinds of wood that are used for it which are available in the market. The woods that are used for it has its own colourings and properties. Here, are some of the most common kinds of decking.

1. Wood Composite: It is the most popular kind of decking and it is been made up from a blend of wood fibre. Two of the main kinds of these are the correct deck and the horizon. The correct deck is completely a stain resistant. Grease, oils and red wine will not leave any mark on it. It is mould resistant and highly fade resistant which make it extremely long-lasting. The horizon one provides an option of low maintenance which is both mould and fade resistant and it is available in attractive colours.

2. Treated Pine: It is an attractive and cost-effective option. The pine is treated popularly to ensure that it can withstand environmental factors. One of the main benefits of it is that to enhance the natural beauty of the wood it can be stained in almost any colour.

3. Kapur: It is a kind of hardwood which originates from Malaysia. It is commonly a pink, deep reddish brown or yellowish in colour. It is usually used for the purpose of construction but it is also been used for the making of decking.

4. Batu: Batu which is also known as Selangan Batu, is a species of tree common in Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. It is typically a reddish or yellow brown but some of it species are more purplish brown in colour. The reason why it is so popular because it darkens with age and is visually attractive.

5. Merbau: It is a species of hardwood that is most commonly found in Southeast Asia. It is orange brown or yellowish in colour but it turns darker and matures with age. It is most commonly used wood because of its beautiful grainy appearance. It is also highly resistant to decay and weather exposure and is extremely durable.


Care for Your Wooden Deck

If you want your decking to look good for longer period of time then you will have to put some time and effort to maintain it or else it will rot and crack due to the continuous exposure to the weather elements. Even if you choose an expensive wood for it other pollutants such as rotting leaves, birds droppings and tree sap can cause your deck to look ugly and worn out. To protect your deck from all these you need to seal it and before sealing you need to clean it to ensure that there are no stains or dirt on it. You should use a leaf blower to clear off any loose fragments of dirt. After that you should wash the entire deck with a cleaner and water. After it is dry, you should now use a paint roller or brush to apply the protectant and sealant to it.

Laying the right amount of Soil before Adding your Lawn

When you want to remove concrete or decking, you’re often left with rubble, and if you really want to get a nice lawn for your garden then you must get the right amount of soil laid down first.

Once you have the gravel and rocks left, you should aim to level out the surface with membrane, and this will ensure your law in not uneven. It’s important to get the basics done right at the beginning before you run into problems later down the line.

Once the membrane has evened out the surface you should aim to lay at least 6 inches of top soil, and it will help your lawn stay green. It’s also important to consider drainage, and make sure any water has an escape route underneath the soil membrane and turf.

Getting Seclusion in your Garden with a Summer House

Privacy is precious, and everyone has to have a space where they can enjoy some privacy and alone time. We all require time to think and a summer house can be ideal for this exact reason. Gardens are peaceful areas, both in the summer and the winter. There’s nothing to distract you except the bird humming in a tree, which we don’t mind.

A summer house can be an area to getaway; there’s no TV or radio and people to bother you, unless you want there to be of course. Summer houses are incorporated into many gardens in the UK, and they really can give you the peace and quite you need whilst getting you closer to the wildlife.

Gardens are spaces to be enjoyed just like the rooms in our homes, and a summer house can help you enjoy the garden the way you’re supposed to , with privacy and seclusion.

Garden maintenance

Regular garden maintenance is ensuring your garden is in good order all the time.A garden that is well maintained is very healthy and produces good yields of fresh fruits, flowers and flowers. Once maintained well a garden looks desirable and beautiful and improves the environment. Poorly managed gardens are a cause of poor yields, pests and undesirable weeds.

Below are regular garden maintenance tips

Prepare the soil before planting.

Dig the soil well and break all clogs before planting anything. After this use organic manure and mix with soil thoroughly.

-Plant your seedlings deep enough. Follow well the instructions of planting in terms of how dip so as to plant your seed in a right way.

- Check your garden for pests and weeds. Spray the smaller pests with an insecticide. This is to ensure your garden remains free from pests.

-Before planting remove all the weeds and grass .This will enable your seed germinate without competing for soil and nutrients.

-Make sure you harvest your yields as they ripen. After that pull any drying plant to prepare for the nest planting season.

Regular garden maintenance will bring high yields any time and any season.

How to Treat Oak Floorboards

Oak has been a particular favorite in English houses since the middle Ages with many a fine house being paneled in oak. It is a great wood for the home because it has anti-fungal properties and is resistant to insect attack. It is also dense so good for floors because it can withstand lots of people walking on it. Softwood would simply get damaged on a floor. Whilst oak flooring is not totally resistant to damage, it will wear well.

Oak flooring is available in different types, from English to American or French. Sustainably sourced oak will be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified or PEFC certified. The majority of English and European oak will be grown sustainably, but oak from countries such as China may not be. It may be a cheaper product, but sustainability is important, as is the quality of the product. Cheap oak can lack definition and good color.

Solid Oak Floorboards

Oak boards can be bought in an engineered form. The solid oak floorboards are engineered to reduce movement caused by moisture. Strength is given by cross ply construction and three layers are created in this way. The uppermost layer will have an oak veneer. They are particularly good for use in new builds because there will be lots of variation in moisture content during construction and engineered boards will fare better than non engineered boards with less expanding and contracting. Wide oak boards are available which are wider than the standard oak floor boards. Quarter sawn board can be bought for a wave effect in the grain and Pippy Oak can be bought if you like the look of pips from the burr of the wood.

If you are buying a house with an existing oak floor, it is possible to change the finish. You can send it back and use a colored stain or simply protect the existing color. Varnish will add to the durability of the floor and help give it a more yellow effect. The floor can be waxed or oiled to give a natural finish.

Oak flooring will add value to the house because it is something that most people see as a plus point when buying a house. It is elegant, great for anyone with allergies or asthma and will warm up the tone of any room it is used in.

Patio awnings

A patio serves as an addition to the house, not only does it have an aesthetic appeal but also is a perfect place to sit, relax and unwind after a long day. The sun can be cool at times but when the climate changes causing discomfort patio awnings serve as the best solution to the problem. An awning is a roof covering the patio; this provides instant protection from the harsh rays of the sun and from rain in case weather changes. The patio can be detached or is an extension of the building, the position of the patio greatly determines the attachment. Having a patio allows you to relax and enjoy the breeze while listening to your favourite music or enjoying a barbeque. The patio can be made from different materials from wood, aluminium and fibreglass with the current development in technology newer designs and materials for making the patios are coming up. Patio awning may be retractable or fixed in one position, when in a fixed position the patio is like an umbrella left open hence, covering only the area within the canvas. Retractable patio awnings provides versatility and can be used in several ways, for example, during sunny days and extent during rain. The owner can get sunlight comfortable on the patio and when the weather changes the patio can be retracted.

Retractable patio awnings is operated mechanically with a hand crank, others use a motor control panel that either activates or deactivates retraction of the awning .The motorized patio awning has a manual alternative in case of power surge or loss. Patios come in different designs, size and materials; others are prefabricated and affordable to anyone wishing to own one. Regardless of the size, the awning provides an opportunity for the owner to enjoy the breeze in the prevailing weather condition. Patio forms an integral part of many families these days as they relax, sit and entertain themselves after hard day’s work or on fine afternoons. The patio provides a zone of relaxation, as the ribs get ready for the barbecue. The patio awning is like extending the room to the house as it can be turned into a large outdoor room. They come in different colours hence one can select the colour that compliments the house painting to create décor and elegance.

After an involving week at the work place, this is the best place to lie down and unwind, take a nap or even read a book as the breeze cools one down. It provides self-conditioning to prevent excessive wind and sun from hitting directly. This conditioning can also be felt all the way to the inside of the house saving on electric air-conditioning costs. This could also help protect carpets, mats, furniture and other household items from fading that can be caused by sunlight effects. They also give a sheltered playground for children and pets to play safely, while shielded from harmful weather conditions. In addition, there is an extra veiled space for hosting small outdoor parties and weekend barbeques. Patio lighting can be added to make them useful at night.

In summary patio awnings, provide the ultimate experience during summer as they allow the owners to enjoy the breeze while protecting them from the sun. It forms a major component of outdoor entertainment therefore making one of the most sought devices.

How a Garden Decking can Improve your Grounds

A garden decking is more than just a tidy area to lay your garden equipment, it can be anything you want, whether it’s an area to sit and enjoy alfresco dining, a high area to enjoy seclusion and far reaching views. The fact is deckings depend on your own garden.

Today, Garden Deckings can be built to specification and because of this a lot of thought it required. It is important to know why you require a decking, and from then on, you can begin to understand the decking you require.

Some people want a decking so that they can relax or unwind; a pleasant area to sit. Others may want to use it as an area for seclusion, or to lead you up to a elevated lawn, perhaps another individual may want a decking to sun bathe. In this case it’s important to know the areas of your garden where the sun hits for the longest.

These hot spots are ideal for summer, and a decking can allow you and your family to take advantage of the British weather when it’s out. Deckings can be ideal platforms surrounding a conservatory, and in this case it’s important to know how much space you want to give to a decking. Many gardens will have various areas such as a lawn, a paved patio, perhaps a pathway leading through the middle, and making sure you have the space to fit a decking is the most important step.


The secret to a beautiful lawn

It’s always said that the grass is greener on the other side. But that would not be the case if the lawn is well taken care of. Contrary to common belief among homeowners lawn care and landscaping is not all about pruning and watering the grass. There are many other aspects of lawn care such as turf lawn maintenance, levelling an existing yard, lawn aeration, getting rid of crabgrass and keeping out weeds that tend to be overlooked.

A neat, well maintained lawn will increase the value and improve the appearance of your home and/or the neighbourhood. With professional lawn care and landscaping services at your disposal, what more could you ask for? The service providers will offer guidelines on how you should prepare the soil, choose the correct grass type, sow the seeds, control weeds and so forth. Other services on offer include spring clean-up and lawn edging.

Come to think of it, there is nothing that improves the aesthetic beauty of your compound better than lawn edging. A nice decorative touch to the lawn with flowers or exquisite boundaries of grass will make your home the envy of many. The secret to is simple; find the best lawn care and landscaping service provider and you’ll be good to go.

Quality Hormann Roller Doors for Your Home

Finding the perfect garage door for your home can be a daunting task. One looks for durability, space efficiency, excellence, and dependability when searching for the best door manufacturers. Especially if one is dealing with lack of space or a short drive way, the search for the best and most convenient roller doors that can accommodate one’s needs can be a difficult task. But the search for quality need not be a test. With fifty years of providing excellent service and quality products to its customers, Hormann can be the best source for garage solutions.
Considered as one of the most popular door manufacturers in the United Kingdom, Hormann has proven itself again and again as a leader in innovative design and modern aesthetics. The value of Hormann as a brand lies in its ability not only to construct its products with an eye to great detail and quality, but also because of its feature of providing variability in design and function.
Hormann doors come in many forms and aesthetically pleasing designs. From fancy Norman arches and standard rectangular designs to colors of every different kind, Hormann doors provide its customers with a product that can suit his/her unique needs as well as differing tastes. Functionality is also of prime importance to the brand. Making sure that they cater to the practical demands of their customers Hormann has provided and designed different types of doors for consumers to choose from. There are internal doors, entrance doors, industrial doors, and garage among many others.
It is worth taking special notice of Hormann roller doors that provide a beautiful home for one’s car. As with many of their products, there are many options, designs, and materials to choose from. There is the Up and Over Doors which open upward and conveniently store itself under one’s garage ceiling, as well as providing the customer with over twenty steel and timber material alternatives. There is the Sectional Doors which open vertically and thus is a great space saving companion. There is the new Collective Garage Doors ET 500 that provides utmost security and optimal efficiency. And there is the very popular RollMatic Doors which, with their trouble free maintenance, corrosion free aluminum, and soft silent folding doors, are the premium when it comes to roller garage door technologies.

Dependability is also a trademark of Hormann doors that one can count on. All Hormann products come with a ten year warranty and an assurance of quality. Hormann prides itself in the ability to anticipate their customer’s needs and provide solutions for garage door problems. Only from Hormann can one find water resistant plastic frames that ensure protection from rust. Only Hormann provides scratch resistant glazings on windows and doors. And only with Hormann doors is your safety ensured with top of the line door security kits. It is of no surprise that this brand has become a household name associated with quality and trusty doors so get yours today.

Benefits of Turf Suppliers Stevenage

Turf is a piece of grass which can be laid for decorative or recreational purposes. Today, turfs are used extensively in sports fields as well as in homes to spread the screen instead of growing the lawn from scratch. Because of this, the number of turf suppliers has gone up a great deal. The turfs can be either artificial or natural.

Premium Turf Stevenage

Are you looking for Turf Supplier Stevenage? Generally, many people prefer to go for turf suppliers who are offering a variety of turf to choose from including both natural and artificial. Other than their selection, it is also essential to have the turf transported and spread out properly. Many people prefer buying turf from suppliers who carry out such activities in the most reliable and professional fashion. When it comes to natural turf, the delivery may have to be done in refrigerated vehicles, especially if the distance to be travelled is long.

There are several companies also which supply turf. Such suppliers have different services which are very useful to their clients. The turf supply stores offer many choices and from well-known brands. Various sports require a completely different kind of turf and residential areas something totally different, you can place your order according to what to the type of sport you intend to engage in on the turf.

Another advantage of turf suppliers is speedy delivery service. This means that you can place your order your turf at any time during the working hours and get it delivered as soon as possible. The store you choose should also promise to deliver your turf within the shortest time possible form the time of the order. The Turf Suppliers Stevenage should also have professional contractors and good landscape designers to carry out professional service for you. This will save you a lot of time that you may have to spend in looking for a good landscape designer as well as a skilled contractor. Their set of staff should also include skilled greens keepers and grounds men. The greens keeper will ensure that the greens are grown properly and in the desired quality.

Skilled grounds men are aware of what kind of turf is needed for different sports such as football, tennis, etc. and will work accordingly in collaboration with greens keeper to prepare the turf. A good turf supplier Stevenage should also provide other requirements for the laying of the turf such as fertilizers, top soil, bark chippings, compost and even maintenance tools. It is always advisable to choose a store which gives a complete solution to the laying of the turf and its maintenance.

With turf suppliers, the entire process of ordering the right type of turf has been made easy. Of course, you should remember that when you order for your turf it is advisable to check the quality of the turf before committing your money. Do not just trust your suppliers when it comes to quality; ensure that the turf you buy is of the quality you are looking. Because of this it is advisable to go for reputed Turf Supplier Stevenage who have years of experience in the field of turf.


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