Lawn Care

Laying a New Lawn – Questions & Answers

When to lay new turf is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions amongst gardeners or would be gardeners and the answer to the question has a lot of variables and no definitive specific. However, there are certainly plenty of sensible guidelines to follow in order to give your new turf and your garden in general the best chances of success.

So, when exactly is the best time of year to lay turf? Well, actually it all depends on the conditions. If the conditions are right, then you can feasibly lay turf at any time of the year. It’s the extreme cold and the extreme heat that need to be avoided and this is why many experts will recommend the months during spring or during the autumn, when hopefully there is still plenty of moisture around.

The baking heat of the summer would just dry up any attempt to lay turf and you would need copious amounts of water to even risk trying to get a new lawn established in midsummer. Likewise if the ground is frozen, this really isn’t going to be conducive for the establishment of healthy new turf.
However, depending on your location, if your winters are mild and damp and your summers cool and wet, then you should have no problems with laying turf all year round.

When you have decided just when you are going to lay your turf, and with Spring on the horizon, many of you may be making plans for it as we speak, it would probably be very wise to work very closely with your turf suppliers who will have all the expertise required for the process to go very smoothly.
Even once your new turf is in position; there will still be plenty of work ahead in order to keep it healthy and looking good.

Watering will be of paramount importance and depending on the amount of turf to be laid, you may need to water sections that were laid earlier in the day before you have even finished the whole area. That’s how crucial the watering is in the important early stages. You want to avoid the lawn drying out at all costs!

In addition to watering, you will need to learn the best ways and times to mow your new lawn turf and what are the best things (in terms of fertilizers), if any, to feed it.