The Beauty of Awnings for Patios: Year Round Comfort and Fresh Air

Posted on December 27, 2021 at 11:18 am

The trend of purchasing awnings for patios is far from over and quite rightly so: Awnings can have an enormous impact on a space and make it all the more appealing, inviting and beautiful. Awnings are a popular addition to a patio at home, as well as something that a restaurateur or cafe owner might consider for their terrace or veranda area in order to increase seating area sizes and protect outdoor diners when needed. To this end, awnings can be put to good use in many ways and they can make a very real difference to an outdoor area, offering protection from different weather conditions. That does not account for their aesthetic charm, either, which should also be thought about when purchasing one. Indeed, awnings are an excellent addition to a patio across the board and if a retractable one is installed, there can really be no word to be said against it, as the awning can be put away as required.

There are really two point that can be considered when thinking about the preference to install an awning and weighing up whether it will be worthwhile: the comfort it will bring, and the atmosphere it will create. These are central concerns of people who are looking to spend money on their garden and bring it up to date – they will want to know that money spent on home improvements will be money well spent. The garden can sometimes be one of the last spots to update in the home and can fall victim to becoming ‘non essential’ – not as important as the hubs in the home like the kitchen or living spaces. However, the outdoors is known to be incredibly important, now more so than ever with the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors and in nature widely known. Getting more time in your garden can really give you a boost and its benefits should be seriously considered.

When it comes to comfort, an awning is really quite a logical and sensible addition to a patio. By shielding people from unpleasant weather like wind or rain, and by offering sun protection in hotter weather, a patio awning has a lot to offer. It is very important to have an awning or something similar like an umbrella even when the weather is glorious in mid summer; sunburn should be avoided and people should look after their skin so taking a break and getting some shade is needed. By rolling out a retractable awning, you can enjoy shade and sunshine all in one space depending on your mood and needs. You will not have to move indoors or go anywhere to take a break from harsh sunshine, and you can continue enjoying the outdoors and remain out on your patio, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the view and greenery surrounding you. If the weather is less favourable, as is often the case, an awning makes it possible to spend time outside on your patio and get all those benefits of the outdoors, without the need to go in if it is rainy, windy etc. You can choose added extras with an awning if you live somewhere with harsher weather conditions or if you think you would like to use it more during the winter months. Patio heaters will make the space beneath an awning warm and cosy, almost like an outdoor room in itself. You can also have lighting to use in the evenings, plus most awnings will be able to direct rainwater away from the structure to keep it dry.

Fresh air is something that is more commonly on people’s radars now, and being able to enjoy it in or around your home is key to a happy, healthy lifestyle. An awning can help you create a nicer atmosphere at home, one you can enjoy all year round. Many people are surprised by how much an awning can change the aesthetic of their home as it is more than just a patio covering; it is a structure that extends the home and draws the patio and internal rooms together. It’s almost like a kind of extension, in that you patio will suddenly become more accessible to you all year round. Being able to use your home in the way that suits you is invaluable and an awning can do so much for you by way of adding to its aesthetic and pleasant environment. If you want to enjoy your home more and adapt it to your ways of living, an awning is perfect for you.

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Quality Topsoil for the Health of your Garden in Milton Keynes

Posted on October 17, 2021 at 2:11 pm

Quality topsoil can make all the difference to a garden and lawn, helping your garden to thrive and giving you a beautiful healthy lawn and plants to enjoy. To achieve this, though, the topsoil needs to be of the right quality and the right type – the best topsoil in Milton Keynes is what you should be aiming to obtain for your garden if you want to get the most out of it. For some people, this might mean buying topsoil online. For others, depending on where you live in Milton Keynes, there may be a garden centre or other type of shop with quality topsoil available to buy. Always do your research first and ensure you are happy with the quality of your topsoil before you select which one to work with.

Why does topsoil matter for the health of your garden? Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • It nourishes lawns and plants. Quality topsoil will work to nourish plants and grass seed and will help to provide the right growing conditions. There are different mixes of topsoil so it is important to choose the best one for your needs. Topsoil can nourish gardens and also help to fix issues like poor drainage.
  • It helps you build up borders. If you have shallow borders, borders with low quality soil forming them or you are landscaping your garden and creating a new layout and new borders, topsoil will be an important part of your project. Choose topsoil of a high quality and apply it to your existing borders, digging it through to mix it in, or use it to create new border altogether, filling in newly dug holes. You may need larger quantities of topsoil to do this depending on how big your borders are so ensure you have purchased enough topsoil in Milton Keynes to complete your project.
  • It offers protection to your lawn. Especially when applied generously in the autumn, you can get a great deal of protection for your lawn from the use of topsoil. It will help to protect it and ensure it grows well throughout the year.

When planning a new garden project, speak to a gardener or landscaper about how to use topsoil correctly, or speak to the suppliers about how to make the best possible use of it. There may be other types of soil that you need as well, such as ericaceous soil. Using the right types will promote the health of your garden and ensure it has the right nutrients, so that everything you grow will have a better chance of success. When planting new flowers, plants and shrubs, look into how they grow best and make sure you understand what they need to be happy and healthy. While part of this will be planting them in the right place, a large part of it is also the quality and type of the soil. Only by providing your garden with what it needs to grow will you be able to achieve the best results.

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Hot tubs are the new hot trend

Posted on August 23, 2021 at 2:22 pm

Inflatable hot tubs have become really popular in recent months as people have been spending more time at home and in the garden and although a rigid hot tub is superior in many ways an inflatable hot tub can be purchased from many supermarkets and DIY merchants with prices starting at about £400 for a smaller one designed for up to four people.

After unpacking the new hot tub, you will need to decide where to site it in the garden or on a patio area. The ground will need to be level and firm and there needs to be an appropriately rated outdoor socket nearby. It is not sensible to use an extension lead as it may be overloaded and there is the danger of it catching fire.

The new hot tub will usually come with instructions on how to set it up but there are many instructional videos online to help with this process. Once the hot tub is set up, you can begin to fill it with water. If it is possible to fill from the hot tap this will make heating the tub water much quicker.

Some people worry about the chemicals that are needed to keep the water in good condition, so the simplest way to maintain good water quality is to buy multi-function chlorine tablets which are placed in the provided dispenser. Regular testing with testing strips will show whether the level of chlorine and the PH levels in the water are correct and safe.

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Appreciating Your Outdoor Space with Retractable Patio Awnings

Posted on July 26, 2021 at 10:21 pm

A garden, courtyard, patio, veranda, balcony – whatever you might have, it deserves to be appreciated. It is easier to enjoy and love your outdoor space when you have made it as easy to use and enjoy as possible, as well as when it is beautiful. If you choose features like retractable patio awnings for your outdoor space, there is so much scope to make it your own and to enjoy the peace, beauty and tranquillity of being out of doors.
When you are in the process of buying patio awnings, a lot of thought will often go into the way the awnings will fit, how they will work, how they are going to be attached to the building etc. While all of these are important considerations and are very practical things to think about, one of the things that people with awnings often say is that they don’t realise how much having an awning will actually change and enhance the way that they live. Having more access to the outdoors, on a flexible basis, is something that holds great potential for having a more relaxed and productive way of life.
Having some outdoor space available to you in any amount can be enough to get an awning. When you have somewhere to sit, drink, chat, relax, have a coffee, eat a meal etc. you will start to appreciate the difference that an awning can make; any outdoor space you have instantly becomes just that bit more usable and functional.
While the main benefit is about functionality and usability, there is so much more to an awning than just that. Having an awning is about enjoying the outdoors more, making the most of your patio and really embracing the benefits of outdoor living. It has been proven that being out of doors is good for mental health and when you have a space at home that you can enjoy out of doors, with the benefit of all year round protection as well, this is very much the best of all worlds. There is no reason not to love an electric awning and all of the benefits it will bring with it for your home and surroundings. If you find that you are craving more space or your home is feeling a little small and claustrophobic, installing an electric awning over your patio can make all the difference.
Awnings that are retractable rather than permanent are so much more versatile, offering you flexible use of your space so you can enjoy it all the more. An awning over your patio can make it feel like a comfortable, secluded spot, as well as giving you shade and sun protection. Some awnings might have sun protection built in to help you stay safe when out of doors. There is also the matter of the awning giving greater amounts of protection, so you can enjoy a superior level of comfort when sat outside of your home. The awning might be used to protect you against rain, to give you additional shelter if using your patio when it is highly windy, or it might actually be used on a very sunny day to increase your sun protection. At the same time, a retractable patio awning can be folded in at any time, so if you find that you would prefer to have a little bit of sun streaming onto your patio, then the awning can be kept out of the way very conveniently.
There are many practical uses for awnings. At the same time, an awning’s appearance should not be underestimated because it can entirely change the ambience of a property and its outdoor space. What was once a dull and drab patio area can easily be transformed into a shady, inviting space where you can’t wait to spend time. The awning itself can also help to add colour to your garden and patio area. Awnings come in a huge variety of fabrics, so you can choose one that will suit your garden and your personal tastes. They come in a wide variety of patterns as well, giving you plenty of choice in the way that you want your garden to look.
Patio awnings add a whole new ambience to your garden and will make it shadier, more attractive and more flexible to use. The fact these awnings are retractable too means that they can be adjusted as necessary to meet the needs of you and your outdoor space. Choosing a retractable awning is a great decision to make financially, practically and on an aesthetic level as well.

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Electric Awnings: the Awnings of the Future

Posted on May 29, 2021 at 10:23 pm

Why choose an awning that is not retractable, not multi-functional and does not allow you flexible living when you could choose an electric option? Electric awnings are widely deemed to be the awnings of the future and yet they are awnings that are readily available to buy from many suppliers. Excellent technology and flexible living solutions are at your fingertips in the form of electric awnings. They can be suitable for any property and any garden or patio area and they will enhance and uplift your way of life immediately upon installation.

If you enjoy being out of doors in the summer – or for that matter, any time of the year, as an awning will give you valuable protection from the weather – than an electric retractable awning is for you. One of the main benefits that people find with having an awning or patio covering is that they get more use out of their outdoor space. It might be a garden or courtyard or decking area that they have had for many years, but the British weather (being notoriously unpredictable!) stands in the way of them enjoying it to the full. This can actually become very frustrating, seeing that there is ample space out of doors and just no way to use it to the maximum. An awning can help to change this and turn it around, making outdoor spaces more accessible and more usable at any time of the year, whatever the weather. Spending more time outside and in green spaces is known to be good for our mental health so if you have a garden, it is incredibly beneficial for you.

An awning can be thought of as one of the cheapest types of home extension around. It is, of course, not an extension in the traditional sense, but what it will do very well is give the sense of the home being extended, into a space where it meets the outdoors and becomes a new space entirely. It does not make the home bigger but it certainly can give the illusion that it does. It is like building a new room of sorts that gives you the space to enjoy being outside in a flexible way, with additional protection from rain, wind, snow, or any other weather that might be thrown your way! A surprise shower need never ruin a BBQ or a family gathering again.

What is Meant By an Electric Awning?

An electric awning is simply one that is operated electrically. It will be retracted when not in use and the process to do this is very simple as the awning is wired in. Usually a remote control will come with an electric awning but nowadays, they can even be synced up with smart home controls which means they can be operated with smartphones and other devices. This is another element that makes these awnings modern and future proof.

There are different kind of electric awnings – some are full cassette which is where, when retracted, they are protected. Others are half cassette or may not have a cassette. These are all options to look into and decide on once you have committed to the purchase of your electric awning. Various factors come into play, from budget, to the amount of protection your awning may need (because it does or does not have protection in where it is located).

What Do Electric Awnings Look Like?

Electric awnings look much the same as any other type of awning. They are usually made from fabric which will easily fold in and out on the frame as required. The frames are most often made of aluminium, with some being made of steel. The frames are also designed to withstand harsh weather and to last a long time into the future.

Choosing the fabric awning covering is the main decision you will make in relation to the appearance of your awning. Most electric awning suppliers will be able to offer you hundreds, if not thousands of different fabric options. There will be patterns, solid colours, traditional designs, modern contemporary designs… the list goes on. You can choose the type of fabric and the colour that most appeals to you and that will tie in with other interior and exterior design options.

All in all, an electric awning is one of the most simple yet versatile choices you can make to improve and enhance your garden. All at once, they are also highly advanced in their technology and construction, and are one of those forward-thinking changes to your property that you will benefit from for many years to come.

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