Guide On Choosing And Buying Best Topsoil

Making the right selection of topsoil can be one of the daunting tasks to embark on. This is so especially if you are not familiar with matters to do with soil selection and agriculture in general. However, with the right knowledge, strategies and techniques, choosing the best topsoil for outdoor use may not be challenging after all. The truth is that with basic knowledge and guidance, it is possible to get the ideal topsoil.

However, you must always be on the lookout for the best seller. This is actually the first step you should take in ensuring that you get the soil you want. Most topsoil sellers and suppliers are business oriented. This means that they can sell you topsoil that cannot be of use to you.

Here are basic guidelines to follow when buying topsoil:

Examine The Soil First

It is always recommended that you take a close look on any topsoil before you consider buying. This is a way of primarily examining the nature of the topsoil hence make your decision accordingly. The essence of closely examining any topsoil is to ensure that you are not supplied with something useless. Note that you may not be in a position to return the soil to the seller should you make a wrong choice. This is basically the policy of most topsoil companies.

Consider Dark Topsoil

Research has confirmed that any topsoil that has a dark complexion is usually rich with essential nutrients. In this regard, you should focus on buying topsoil that is dark brown or black in colour. That way, you can be assured of making the best out of such soil. On the other hand, topsoil that is grayish or light brown in colour is not the best selection. This is because such colors signify nutrients deficiency making the soil imperfect for farm use.


This is actually one of the prime factors you should consider when choosing topsoil. The soil should feel like sandy loam when on your hands. In addition, it should not stick on your feet once you step on it. If it does, then you should know that it is not the ideal choice for you.

One of the best ways to ascertain the kind of soil you have chosen is by making a ball out of it. Try pressing it using your hands and let go after a while. If the soil does not crumble apart, then that is not the type to go for. Bets topsoil is not sticky at all.