Lawn Care

Is your lawn getting the TLC that it needs?

If your lawn is looking a bit sorry for itself then help is at hand. With just a few quick techniques the lawn can look lush and green once again ready for the family to enjoy.

Although a lawn may be able to recover on its own, the likelihood is that the weeds will grow faster, and the grass will be overtaken by weeds, so the first step is to dig out any weeds such as dandelion and buttercup. You could treat them with a weedkiller, but you do have to be careful not to kill the grass at the same time.

For the grass to grow well the soil needs to be aerated which is a simple process and can either be done by poking holes in the lawn with a garden fork or by using a rolling aerator. Improving the air flow in the lawn will make a big difference to how well the turf grows and is especially good for lawns that have become impacted and waterlogged.

Using a good quality fertiliser on the lawn will bring back the lushness and should make the grass look greener and healthier. It encourages the lawn to grow giving it the nutrients that it needs for healthy growth.