Lawn Care

Looking after your lawn

You may think that having a lawn means that you will need to do very little maintenance and that your lawn will mostly “look after itself”. Of course, this is not strictly true, but working on your lawn little and regularly will reap benefits later.

You will need to mow your lawn regularly in spring, summer and even early autumn and, this may occur as often as once a week or fortnight, depending on weather conditions.

During the spring, tidy up your lawn edges with a half-moon shaped edging tool. If you have a curved lawn edge, you could use a length of hose or thick rope as a guide.

In order to keep your grass looking lush and green, you will need to apply fertiliser at least twice a year – once in the spring and once in autumn. If you have a small lawn, you could spread out the fertiliser granules by hand but larger lawns may need the use of a lawn spreader. Make sure you do this on a dry day after it has rained a day or two before. You don’t want to do it when the earth is bone dry.

If your lawn is plagued with weeds then you may want to use a combined feed and weed product which will encourage good plant growth, at the same time as getting rid of weeds at the root. Ideally, you should use weedkillers in the spring, before weeds start flowering and then spreading their seeds. If you have the odd dandelion or thistle growing in your grass, then you may find it just as easy to dig it out and pull it up from the root.