Garage Doors

Garage Doors – Thinking About your Options

New garage doors – can there really be that much to think about? They’re just doors, that are used to lead into a garage, right? Wrong. There is so much more to a garage door, and plenty you have to think about before you invest in a new door. This is especially important because that new door isn’t going to be cheap. You will need to make sure you are happy with your decision because you want the new door you spend your money on to last your for years into the future.

Why do garage doors matter so much? 

Here are some of the things to think about if you are in the market for a new door in the near future:

  • Security. This is so important – it cannot be underestimated just how important it is, in fact. The last thing you want is for someone to break into your garage, especially if you can anything valuable in it like a vehicle. Even if you don’t, a break in is never a pleasant experience. A new door will improve security immediately and will deter anyone who might be thinking about attempting to break in.
  • Appearance. A new garage door will look so much better – it’s as simple as that. It will be brand new and can be in any colour you like, and the choice of material is all yours as well. Choose timber for a traditional, high-end look, or go for something like fibreglass if you want a different colour and would like the door to be highly efficient as well.
  • Insulation. There is no point wasting money on energy in your garage – invest in a new door and you can save money instantly by improving the insulation. Materials like fibreglass and steel have very good insulating properties, and the simple fact that your door will be a better fit means that you won’t have gaps that can let cold air escape. Some styles of a door will also have a rubber seal to help keep warm air in as well.
  • Convenience. A new door will be easier to open and you might also be able to get one that is automatic, making it easier than ever to open your door. If you want to be able to drive in your vehicle without getting out, choose a door that is remotely controlled.

Different types of garage door 

You need to decide on the type of door you want when you are choosing a new one. This will inform all your searches for a new door. These are the main types of a door you can choose from:

  • Canopy or up and over doors – the most simple type of door that opens outwards.
  • Roller shutter garage doors – open vertically using a roller system.
  • Sectional garage doors – open vertically and are made up of sections.
  • Side hinged – open outwards, much like a normal entrance door.
  • Round the corner. These doors will open up around the corner inside of the building.

Search for garage doors in different styles to find the one that works for you.