Easy to Grow Herbs

It is so annoying when cooking a meal to suddenly realise that you have run out of the herbs required for the recipe that you are following. Herbs sold in supermarkets often seem to lack flavour. However, if you grow your own, preferably in pots or containers in a sunny spot outside your back door then you won’t have to go far to obtain fresh herbs for any recipe.

Parsley is incredibly easy to grow and it is hardy enough to continue growing over the Winter months. Whilst the plants are very small, you will have to protect from slugs.

Coriander is also very simple to grow from seed. If seedlings are too crowded then thin them out. Fresh coriander added to a green salad tastes delightful and gives the finishing touch to Indian curries and dahls.

Chives can also be grown in small pots outside. Just snip off lengths as and when you need them for recipes.

It is essential to grow mint in a container as it will swamp everything if left untended in abed or border. Use for making mint sauce or for adding to Greek dishes.

Rosemary is a woody perennial herb with needle like leaves. It likes warm, sunny conditions and needs to dry out between waterings. Grow Rosemary in a pot and you can move it to a more sheltered spot or inside during the Winter.