Building Repairs

Chelmsford and the Need for Building Insurance Repairs

A lot can be done to ensure the safety and security of buildings with a solid insurance being at the top of the list. With proper coverage, you will be sure that the building can be repaired and rebuilt when anything untoward happens to the structure. With so many builders in Chelmsford, it is important to be vigilant with your choices. Take into consideration what you need versus what the company can offer for your protection. The following are just some of the elements every policy should cover:

Sum Insured

This refers to the total amount that is needed to fix your home after the damage. The cost depends on how much you want to set aside for the project. Note that some insurance companies may not pay the amount if the cost of rebuilding is higher – even if it is just going to be for a partial repair.

Underground Services

A more specific coverage, this takes care of any underground pipes that lead into and out of the house. This involves water, electricity, gas, as well as sewer pathways that need to be repaired or relined, depending on the extent of the damage. Note that some policies may refuse to pay for leaking pipes due to age, which means that you will have to be more specific with this part of the policy. Technically speaking, only pipes directly damaged by the fire or flood will be covered by the company.

Alternative Accommodation

This refers to the amount you will be spending when staying somewhere else while the house is undergoing repair. A percentage system may also be used with an alternative accommodation totaling to 20% of your sum insured.

Glass and Sanitary Breakage

This takes care of any glass, windows, and even toilets that have been broken due to the damage. The sink and bath tub typically are not part of this coverage.


What kind of building damage would be covered by the insurance company? Typical problems include fire damage, water damage, and weather-caused damage. Water damage typically involves burst pipes, frozen pipes, and what-not. It is best to first think about the usual building damage suspects in Chelmsford and protect yourself against those by scrutinizing your policy as closely as possible.

Public Liability

Although this is not always necessary, it is a good option in the event that your building is located in a populated area. Public Liability sets aside a specific amount for any injuries or damage caused in another property or person because of problems in your home.

When looking for building insurance repairs in Chelmsford, it is best to check with UK’s list of accredited providers. This way, you would increase your chances of getting top quality service. You can also try going one step further by checking out the contractors who are associated with the insurance repair company. Affiliations with the following institutions are always a good sign when it comes to contractors: Gas Safe Registration, FENSA Registered, Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, as well as City & Guilds Qualified.