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The Beauty of Awnings for Patios: Year Round Comfort and Fresh Air

Posted on December 27, 2021 at 11:18 am

The trend of purchasing awnings for patios is far from over and quite rightly so: Awnings can have an enormous impact on a space and make it all the more appealing, inviting and beautiful. Awnings are a popular addition to a patio at home, as well as something that a restaurateur or cafe owner might consider for their terrace or veranda area in order to increase seating area sizes and protect outdoor diners when needed. To this end, awnings can be put to good use in many ways and they can make a very real difference to an outdoor area, offering protection from different weather conditions. That does not account for their aesthetic charm, either, which should also be thought about when purchasing one. Indeed, awnings are an excellent addition to a patio across the board and if a retractable one is installed, there can really be no word to be said against it, as the awning can be put away as required.

There are really two point that can be considered when thinking about the preference to install an awning and weighing up whether it will be worthwhile: the comfort it will bring, and the atmosphere it will create. These are central concerns of people who are looking to spend money on their garden and bring it up to date – they will want to know that money spent on home improvements will be money well spent. The garden can sometimes be one of the last spots to update in the home and can fall victim to becoming ‘non essential’ – not as important as the hubs in the home like the kitchen or living spaces. However, the outdoors is known to be incredibly important, now more so than ever with the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors and in nature widely known. Getting more time in your garden can really give you a boost and its benefits should be seriously considered.

When it comes to comfort, an awning is really quite a logical and sensible addition to a patio. By shielding people from unpleasant weather like wind or rain, and by offering sun protection in hotter weather, a patio awning has a lot to offer. It is very important to have an awning or something similar like an umbrella even when the weather is glorious in mid summer; sunburn should be avoided and people should look after their skin so taking a break and getting some shade is needed. By rolling out a retractable awning, you can enjoy shade and sunshine all in one space depending on your mood and needs. You will not have to move indoors or go anywhere to take a break from harsh sunshine, and you can continue enjoying the outdoors and remain out on your patio, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the view and greenery surrounding you. If the weather is less favourable, as is often the case, an awning makes it possible to spend time outside on your patio and get all those benefits of the outdoors, without the need to go in if it is rainy, windy etc. You can choose added extras with an awning if you live somewhere with harsher weather conditions or if you think you would like to use it more during the winter months. Patio heaters will make the space beneath an awning warm and cosy, almost like an outdoor room in itself. You can also have lighting to use in the evenings, plus most awnings will be able to direct rainwater away from the structure to keep it dry.

Fresh air is something that is more commonly on people’s radars now, and being able to enjoy it in or around your home is key to a happy, healthy lifestyle. An awning can help you create a nicer atmosphere at home, one you can enjoy all year round. Many people are surprised by how much an awning can change the aesthetic of their home as it is more than just a patio covering; it is a structure that extends the home and draws the patio and internal rooms together. It’s almost like a kind of extension, in that you patio will suddenly become more accessible to you all year round. Being able to use your home in the way that suits you is invaluable and an awning can do so much for you by way of adding to its aesthetic and pleasant environment. If you want to enjoy your home more and adapt it to your ways of living, an awning is perfect for you.

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Use eco-friendly woodchip in your garden

Posted on December 24, 2021 at 4:12 pm

As the concern over climate change is becoming more common, gardeners are looking at ways that they can use more eco-friendly methods in their gardening. One of the ways in which some gardeners are approaching this is to use woodchip in the garden as a mulch as it is particularly good at retain moisture reducing the need for frequent watering of plants.

Using woodchip to enrich the soil is a valuable way to use organic matter which is slow to break down and continues to add nutrients to the soil over a period of time rather than using chemical alternatives. This is important if you are trying to grow organic vegetables and want to reduce the number of pesticides you are using.

Another positive aspect of using a woodchip mulch in the garden is that it encourages the growth of fungi which in turn provide nutrients to the plants and trees nearby. Fungi are also a good food source for small animals and rodents that may visit the garden.

Sourcing ethically produced woodchip is important and so it should be purchased from a company that states the origins of the woodchip or of course you could buy a woodchipper and make your own.

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Give your lawn some TLC this autumn

Posted on November 18, 2021 at 9:06 am

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a lush green lawn next summer now is the time to act. The growth of the grass will start to slow down as the temperature cools and the days get shorter so there is no need to mow the lawn but in autumn the plants start to shift their focus from growing leaves to strengthening their root system, so they need the right balance of nutrients to encourage good growth. What you feed your lawn now, will determine whether it flourishes next spring and summer.

It is wise to choose a professional quality feed for your lawn which has a low nitrogen content but plenty of phosphorus and potassium. Recently seaweed based lawn treatments have become popular as these are absorbed by the leaves and supplies a plant with the equivalent of our vitamins and minerals encouraging healthy growth.

Many gardeners are troubled by weeds in the lawn through the summer so now is the time to treat them. Rather than spraying herbicides around the whole lawn consider using a specific professional quality spray that tackles the particular weeds that are growing. By keeping on top of any weeds and regular feeding, mowing, aeration and scarifying your lawn should be a sight to behold next summer.

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Building a rockery can be simple

Posted on October 28, 2021 at 6:42 am

Some people love the idea of having a rockery in an area of their garden and realise that it is a popular landscaping tool that will add an element of variety to any garden. A rockery can look great in the corner of a big garden, or as a centrepiece for a small garden or courtyard in fact most gardens can include a rockery if desired.

The first task is to choose the rocks or stones you would like to use. You may have some large rocks in the garden that you can use for the rockery otherwise you will need to buy some which can be costly. These rocks will sit in the middle of the rockery so choose ones that are suitable in terms of size and shape. Secure them by filling in around them with soil and smaller rocks, layering them to give a natural look.

The beauty of a rockery is that you can be creative and plant it however you choose maybe with alpine plants, cacti and succulents. Any small flowering ground cover plants can be used in your rockery and the more colourful the better. The look can be completed by putting some fine gravel in between the smaller rocks and around the base of the plants.

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Give your patio a makeover

Posted on September 30, 2021 at 10:06 am

If you have a patio in your outdoor space you will know that over time it starts to look dirty as there is a build-up of dirt and debris which is not washed away by the rain. Cleaning the patio can be hard work but you can make the task easier by using a pressure washer which will achieve a much better result than simply cleaning it by using a hosepipe and a broom. However, pressure washing will only remove a certain amount of dirt; if it has become ingrained, or if the patio itself has become damaged, you may simply need to accept that you need a replace the patio with a new one. This can transform your outdoor space and garden but will obviously have cost implications, but the result may make the process worthwhile.

While you are replacing the patio it is a good time to carry out any other changes you may want such as extending the patio area to give additional seating and entertaining space, installing lighting around the garden or putting in outdoor sockets. Planning out the new patio area keeping in mind the way you and your family use the area is a sensible idea before you embark on major work.

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