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Benefits of Installing Rooflights On Houses and Outbuildings

Posted on November 13, 2014 at 7:56 am

The main reason why rooflights are used is to provide a brilliant, naturally lit indoors and to lessen the need for artificial light. Daylight has more benefits over artificial radiance with the reality that it is a free, unlimited natural supply. While artificial lighting is important, providing it uses lots of energy, thus reducing the use of artificial lighting dramatically cuts of energy use and reduces carbon emissions. Other benefits that natural light bring include:

They provide better and more functional interior environments

Daylight is a crucial natural benefit. If you live in moderate Northern climates, you will easily recognise the beneficial result of sunlight. Besides this, it is evident that most buildings with higher natural light levels are more triumphant than those relying on artificial lighting. This is because the brain and eye functions work better with natural light, thus performing much better. Natural daylight gives a sense of comfort amongst building residents and rooflights do this without distractions brought about by views coming through vertical windows.

They offer specific advantages in various sections:

• Well-being: In the UK, many people know about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It is a clinically detected condition where lack of sunlight during winter season makes most people feel sick. Natural light aids these people feel much better and it can help the healing progression too. Studies have also proven that patient recovery rate in hospitals increase where natural light levels are improved.

• Learning: According to research, there is a clear connection linking classrooms with good daylight and great student performance including attendance. Reason being, students concentrate better in natural light, are more keen and also less abstracted. Some studies even go as far as suggesting that health is enhanced, which explains improved turnout too. This is why this kind of lighting design is recommended in most schools.

• Leisure time: It is said that people love clear naturally lit areas. This is evidenced by the many domestic sun rooms and conservatories people go to during their leisure time. It is thus logical that people choose facilities that enjoy higher daylight levels, during their leisure time, which is the more reason why nowadays more recreational amenities try to capitalise on natural light to recognise this. They choose to install this lighting design to attract more clients.

• Retail and Business: Just as natural lighting improves concentration in classrooms for students, it also improves concentration in work places thus achieving increased productivity. Further research shows that sales are high in naturally lit settings where colours are true and vivid. This makes products appear striking and customers spend much time in such areas. Several UK’s top retail organisations have large parts of rooflights as conditions for new construction projects. This is to ensure that a higher percentage of natural light is evenly distributed in the interior.


Putting lights on the roof is one helpful way to add some light around the house, whilst adding security and safety measures. Many companies that make these kinds of lights on your roof also have a selection of lighting from which you can choose from. It is therefor up to you to decide on what fits you best.

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Patio Awning Ideas That you Will Love

Posted on September 16, 2014 at 7:21 am

Is your deck too hot? Do you want to give your patio an eye-catching and comfortable shading solution? Well, you are at the right place. You will have an opportunity to learn the different patio awnings ideas that you can employ in your home and keep your deck cooler by screening out harmful ultraviolet rays, while at the same time giving it a stunning appearance. Here are a few suggestions that you will love.

Retractable awing with a support arm

This idea consists of a metal framework that’s covered with a shade fabric. You only need to mount the framework directly on the side of your house with diagonal support arms. This type of awing is best known to provide instant shade on a hot afternoon. It’s mostly popular since it’s not permanent and doesn’t present storage hassles like most patio awnings in the market today. Whether you are having your lunch or just reading your novel while watching your beautiful garden, you can easily roll it up when you are done and keep it safe for another sunny day.

Canopy awnings

These structures are permanently installed although you will have the freedom to remove the fabric whenever it’s not in use. They are supported by a freestanding frame that’s bolted on your deck. If you want to have the fabric roof stay for long, you can decide to remove it seasonally and keep it in your house during winter. It doesn’t sag; it can withstand rain, strong winds and hail; and the cloth is resistant to tear, meaning that it can serve you to over 10 years without retracting or wearing out. (more…)

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Tips On Painting Your Fence

Posted on August 26, 2014 at 9:36 am

Of course painting your fence is usually for cosmetic purposes, but you shouldn’t forget that the paint can also provide protection from elements. It’s recommended that fences should be given a protective coat of paint every couple of years.

Before you paint your fence, prepare the area around your fence. Make sure to cut the grass along the fence line, and drop plastic sheeting in the fence section.

When picking the right paint, make sure that it’s an outdoor paint! These are specially treated to not be effected by weather. There’s different versions available from Acrylics, Oil-based paint to Enamels. We recommended Acrylics seeing as it’s very durable. Make sure to apply a primer beforehand though.

When painting think about how you want it done. If you have a long fence, then an industrial spray will get the job done quickly, but if it’s a short fence then a roller will suffice.

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Hormann EPU40 M Ribbed Sectional Garage Door Review

Posted on July 10, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Finding the right garage door is so crucial if you want to ensure your security at home. From the amount of brands retailing them right now, it can be quite an overwhelming task to find just one that best fits what you need. There are countless garage doors on sale right now, but what really stood out was the Hormann EPU40 M Ribbed Sectional Garage Door, as it has been claiming to offer some of the most useful features out there. If you are interested in getting this garage door, consider to learn more about its features and benefits before you make the investment to buy one.


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Types Of Fence Panels You Should Know

Posted on May 10, 2014 at 2:44 pm

Each and every home has some sort of fencing on the ground. This is because fencing your home is one of the most important things you can do for your home. There are several things to consider when choosing the right fence for your home. Fence panels are loved by a lot of people because of its several advantages for example, easy to install, add aesthetic value to your home, secure and many more. However, it is important for you to understand the different types of fence panels available in the UK market. The following are some of the different types of fence panels;

Waney edge panels 

Waney edge panels also known as overlap panels are the best choice for budget fencing. This type of fencing is made of renewable timber and is loved by many because it requires zero maintenance and it can last for up to 15 years. Additionally, this type of fence can be tailored to your required specifications.

Feather Edge panels 

With added strength, durability and versatility, these panels are ideal for a garden-cum-playing area. They are also long lasting and strong. They can be used for fencing your backyard, garden and front yard. For added strength and versatility you can use panels with double sides. By doing this you will give your fence more strength and it will make your home look more beautiful. It is important to point out that timber can be treated to enhance durability.

Trellis panels 

These types of fencing panels are generally made from an open structure of intersecting pieces of bamboo, wood or metal frames. They are perfect for fencing or decorating your garden or home. Trellis panels can be painted to give them a beautiful finished look or they can be left in their natural colour and shape. Due to aesthetic reasons, this type of fence panel is loved by many and can be used in fencing privacy areas for instance a swimming pool.

Fancy panels 

These fencing panels stand out from the rest. They can be altered to suit your needs and requirements. Additionally, fancy panels can be made from environmentally sustainable products. This therefore means that you can only buy these panels from well managed resources that are regulated through forestry control.

Picket fencing 

This is one of the widely used types of fence panels. It is ideal for defining boundaries of your home and keeping pets in an enclosed area. Because of its beautiful look, it can also be used for decorative purpose. However, due to its lower height picket fence doe not block view of the surroundings and should therefore be used for defining boundaries and not for security purposes.

Closeboard fencing 

This type of fencing provides excellent security and durability for your home. They are made of vertical feather-edge boards that are aligned vertically and later fixed on supporting wooden rails. For increased durability the timber can be treated and also fitted with a cap at the top.

In conclusion, before you decide to use fence panels as the appropriate type of fence for your home it is important to learn the different types of fencing panels available as can be seen above.

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